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CRM Developers Tool 2011

The developers tool provides the user with quick access to all entity metadata in CRM. You can access this information by going into the customization area of CRM, this will provide you with most information but this requires lots of clicking. This tool is purpose build for accessing meta data and does just that.  More

CRM Developers Tool CRM 4.0

This tool incorporates an entity browser which allows you to browser all the entities, their attributes and available SDK messages. Second it has a Plug-in browser which allows you to browser, create, update and delete plug-ins registered on the connected system.  More

Event Listener

This tool has various applications. You can be busy developing a plugin an need to know which data is available when the plugin is executing. Or you want to see how your plugin modifies the in- or outputparameters of a message.  More

Event Listner 2011

This utility provides you with the ability to view which plugins are fired and all details of the plugin execution context without the use of a debugger.  More

Translation assistant

With version 4.0 Microsoft CRM the option to have multiple languages in a single interface became available. To translate the various available labels CRM offers an option to export all labels to an excel file containing only the label and id but no explanation.  More
WRITTEN BY Patrick Verbeeten - 01 April 2012
In CRM 2011 Web Resources you can connect to other resources on the CRM server. This can be the CRM web services or you may want to redirect to another web resource. To do this you need the full URL which can differ depending on the deployment.
WRITTEN BY Patrick Verbeeten - 08 March 2012
In CRM 2011 there are two approaches you can use to create solutions; Managed and unmanaged. There is lots of information available as to what the differences are, for example on channel 9. In general I would recommend using managed solutions every time you are exporting customizations from one environment to the next (in a dev, test, prod environment). But this article specifically addresses the development of applications/products using multiple solutions. I have seen various approached used and people running into problems caused by developing multiple unmanaged solutions in one organization.
WRITTEN BY Patrick Verbeeten - 12 January 2012
NuGet is an open source initiative that 'Makes it easy to install and update open source libraries in Visual Studio' or so it says on the website. Basically its a Visual Studio plugin that allows you to add packages to individual projects. These packages can contain different things such as assemblies, commonly source files etc. With support for both an online public repository as well as the ability to use local repositories it makes it a good way to save your libraries, even if it is only for your self or your team.
WRITTEN BY Patrick Verbeeten - 03 June 2011
Consider the following For most projects in CRM you have to build an entity model sometimes just a few entities but depending on your project this can be a very large number. Most consultants first create an inventory of what to create using excel, next this has to be transferred to CRM. This is a very time consuming process which requires a huge amounts of copy pasting and clicking. Then when you have it all setup the customer asks you to make some simple changes, “Could you change this decimal field to a money field?” Simple enough, no? You have to delete the field from the form and views delete the field create a new one, add it back to the forms and views again, now where was it exactly? Tough the CRM entity model provides you with rich abilities for the end user creating and modifying the entity model can be time consuming. All this time cannot be spend on providing the business logical and rules the entity model is built for.
Minimal Privileges for CRM
Tuesday, July 09, 2013
A listing of the minimal privileges a security role needs to allow a user to login to CRM 2011 or CRM online.
Append v/s Append to
Tuesday, July 09, 2013
An explanation of the "Append" v/s "Append To" privileges
JScript Editor Extensions for Visual Studio
Saturday, June 23, 2012
A Visual Studio extension from Microsoft that enables outlining in JavaScript files aswell as some other features.
CRM 2011 Repeated Login Prompt
Monday, June 18, 2012
This article by Neil McDonald shows how to fix a problem with CRM that occasionally occurs. Login Prompts (401 errors) appear at various locations, from experience mostly on resources. Though this article applies to the CRM 2011 beta and RC is still is usefull at times.